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AlsOdoMinie, headed by
Ms. Junny Saw, is the boutique arm of Dominie Press specialising in innovative projects that require out-of-the box solutions. Set up in 2000, our customers with unique requests are able to leverage on the expertise and experience provided by both Dominie Press and AlsOdoMinie.
AlsOdoMinie strives to change the traditional mindset of what a printer's role should be.
While collaterals such as flyers,
pop-ups, direct mailers, and annual reports are part and parcel of a company's marketing efforts, AlsOdoMinie believes no job is too insignificant for creative input.

Over the years, we have collaborated with a wide spectrum of clients. We have also introduced new materials and processes that intrigue many.

A tangible difference is that at AlsOdoMinie, we not only take on clients with exceptional requests, but we also approach clients with our unique requests. When we have an interesting effect we want to produce, we have clients who are willing to experiment the technique with us. Our high-quality and ground-breaking finished products are a testament to our committment.

It is often the Creatives (designers, art directors, architects, etc) who spearhead a project. Whether you are looking for a particular type of material to print on, an effect that you want to create, or even the way a book is to be bound, our print specialists are on hand to help you.

We believe no job is too insignificant for creative input. With creative partners such as Theseus Chan, Lina Kutsovskaya, James Casey, and the many other brilliant Creatives around the world, AlsoDominie has helped clients garner awards for their Art Books, specialty books, and numerous promotional materials.

The Showcase Featured Works

Louis Vuitton
X Yayoi Kusama
– Work Singapore

To mark the collaboration of Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama, Louis Vuitton Japan commissioned WORK to create a limited edition book.

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Camino A La Modernidad /
The Path to Modernity
– Danne Ojeda

Book with four sections, made with Chamomile, in different sizes sewn together with exposed thread and jacketed using Naturalis Soft White.

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Werk no. 17
Eley Kishimoto
– Work Singapore

Notch bound books with cloths used as the cover printed in full color with one Pantone and rubber stamped on the book block. No two are the same.

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Killanoodle Residential Book & Slipcase

Perfect bound book, made with Bianco Flash Master, printed in full color, two Pantones and copper foil stamping slipped into a Rives Design Bright White case with rectangular slits die cut into the front.

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Werk No.19
– Work Singapore

Notch bound book with covers pieced together with recycled paper from the manufacturing process that are then randomly spray painted with stencils.

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